Iron Cross Wargame

Iron Cross is a real-time strategy wargame set in North African theatre during Second World War. It combines strategy with operational level of war. Player chooses Axis or Allied side and is given command over armies, corps, divisions, battalions, airforce, engineering and logistics. He can choose from historical and fictional campaigns, operations and battles.

Game is free to play for everyone. This is a Multiplayer BETA release, so feel free to create your own or join ongoing games. Come on, download it and run your panzers over the sand ..

General's BLOG

It takes some time to make a good singleplayer AI engine. It takes a lot of reading, thinking, trial and error. Reading Rommel, Liddell Hart, van Creveld, Guderian .. and thinking about warfare.

That's what we currently do. And while you wait for the first singleplayer release, we'll be sharing some AI and strategy thoughts with you. You can find them in General's BLOG

Make yourselves at home and share your thoughts with us ..

Scheduled Games

Since this is a multiplayer beta, you'll need to schedule your game and invite players. To organize a scheduled game go here
And don't forget: when game starts - press TAB to open that chat screen ..

Upcoming Updates

We're currently working on AI Engine and several singleplayer scenarios. Although not as challenging as multiplayer ones, they'll enable you to enjoy the game at your own pace. We'll keep you posted on the progress.


Game features:

  • large map covering entire Western Desert theater from Libya to Egypt, which enables battles to be fought anywhere in that area
  • historically accurate orders of battle and unit combat data
  • multiplayer real-time land and air combat
  • logistical branch simulates scarce supplies and logistical problems
  • ranking system - each player receives ranks and skill bonuses based on success in combat

Iron Cross is a multiplayer game, with several single player tutorials. It is a mix of real-time and turn-based strategy. It offers rush and thrill of real-time together with depth and complexity of turn-based game. That brings it as close as possible to real life warfare.

Iron Cross is developed as an independent game project by Panzer Division. It is constantly being upgraded and improved based on players feedback.

And last but not least ..

We're trying to create community where players can play, share ideas and help us upgrade the game. This is an independent development project, and current version of the game is completely free. So play whenever you like and as much as you like. We encourage you to do so.

If you wish you can mod the game. We'll provide you with Scenario Editor and combat data files for you to play with. You can also mod resource files to suit your needs.

Browse freely through this page. Visit Image Gallery to see screenshots from the game. Read Game Manual to learn how the game works. Use Forum to communicate to other players, and schedule your games. And don't forget the Downloads page where you can download the latest version of the game.

Have fun!

Panzer Division